Lukasz Wierzbowski – Connections of the model and his environment

Works by Lukasz Wierzbowski – Connections of the model and his environment
by Tim Leik

Looking at this picture one could be afflicted by the feeling that the model itself is going to be
abrogated in the texture of the carpet on which she is lying on. And indeed some parts of her
body – especially her face – have lost their shape and became either flat plain or they have
totally lost their visibility. Where formerly a body has marked the foreground of the picture,
now the putative element of the background – the carpet – attracts attention. Quite unusual
for a portrait, you could say, if the model loses its central status for the benefit of a carpet.

But this curiosity becomes less dubios if you take a look at the kind of art which the young
polish photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski and at the things he is influenced by.
The first project being published by the 29 year old artist called “Picture Shop” broaches
the issue of polish architecture and furthermore the patterns of the everyday life he used
to experience during his childhood and youth he spent in Poland. So, reminding this you
can identify many chosen surroundings as typical polish homes with the certain perspective
Wierzbowski gives. If this sometimes antiquated appearing surrounding denies the individual
bounded in traditions or – the other way round- the individual enfolds itself on the surface of
those is an open question.

But independent of which answer you prefer, this and many more pictures of the artist do
focus on the relation between the model and the objects environing him or her. When he
treats both as equal, he polls the boarders of the genre portrait itself. At the same time he
does not only reflect on the relation between the model and the ambience made by mankind
but also on this between the human/ the model and nature. In various works he exemplifies
for instance human being interweaved in whole landscapes or parts of public parks.

Noticing once again the fact that the background becomes prominent in these pictures, Wierzbowski
is interested in processes that are fulfilled among mankind, culture and nature. He exposes
his models in positions where they are hidden, partly invisible and sometime remind of
works of Erwin Wurm concerning their attitude. Thereby arises a certain irony and first off
all a ridiculousness by what becomes clear that culture itself is self-made and can have
an restricting impact – in the works of Wierzbowski either restrictions made by the human
himself in term of his own cultural being or the nature.
Eventually there is this poetry in his works that just comes out of this virtual magical
connection between the models and their environment.


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